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Getting to Your Topmost Health Conditions and Wellness-A Look at the Benefits of Functional Medicine

You may have experienced this, that case where you go for an examination by your doctor, get blood tests done, X rays and the whole lot of diagnostic procedures and at the end of it all, your results turn negative, your doctor telling you everything is normal while you and him know well enough that you are not feeling okay!This must be such a familiar script with a number, where you go for a medical examination from your doctor, are subjected to blood tests, X ray examinations and the whole lot of the diagnostic procedures available and then at the end of these all, your doctor tells you that you are normal even in the face of what you are feeling in actual sense where you are indeed feeling sick and are not well by all appearances.

Just as we already have mentioned above, this is more or less the common trend today when it comes to diagnoses and treatment and this is for a reason. This may be partly attributed to the fact that traditional medicine has for long had a focus on treating and dealing with most of the conventional conditions such as pneumonia, tuberculosis and the like and has only been faced with the need to address some of these conditions like heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases and the like chronic ailments.

By and large, Functional Medicine has come in as an alternative approach to health, wellness and treatment that offers a way to help with such kinds of issues and cases. This is an approach that makes use of a different approach and model for the need to prevent and manage a number of the ailments, the complex and chronic ones. Generally, functional medicine is an approach to health and wellness that generally seeks to treat the individual in a holistic sense and not the case as is of the conventional approach where it simply deals with the symptoms. This is just as it is said, Functional Medicine is medicine by cause and not symptom, medicine by organism and not organ. The following is a look at some of the basics to know of when it comes to the need to have a general idea on how this approach to medication actually works.

This is that approach to medicine that largely sees the doctors spend as much time with their patients for the treatment and prevention of some of the conditions that they may be exposed to. This is where there will be more than just a look at the medical symptoms manifesting of disease but will as well take a look at some of these other issues such as diet, exercise patterns, lifestyle, traumas and the other exposures that one may be having to toxins. In digging even much deeper for the probable causes of the condition that one may be experiencing, the causes of the kind of breakdown in the normal functioning of the person’s body, the doctor will then take an even closer look at such issues like the genetic makeup, the lifestyle habits of the individual like diets and activity, and as well the environmental exposures one may be to that may affect their body’s ability to function normally.

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